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  1. Hey Karen, Great informative post.

    Since you asked for an SEO expert’s view, I thought I’d pitch in on point 5 above: Which country are you focusing on?

    Whilst geo-location of server’s IP address does have some bearing on SEO, it’s much much less of an issue these days. Big G and other search engines will weight other signals much higher such as domain registration address, company address, phone numbers. language and currency used on website. It also understand the location of website’s linking to you, which if you’re a local UK business will predominantly be links from UK sites. If Google sees these signals it wont care where your server is located.

    Let’s not forget the option to explicitly tell Google which country your website is targeting, setting found in in Google Webmaster Tools. If you don’t have a GWMT account, get one now – http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/

    There are many great hosting deals around, some of the best can be found with US hosting companies but like Karen suggests…. steer well clear of the $1.99/month packages, they will eventually let you down.

  2. Angela

    I know you have an affiliate link to TidyWeb Hosting – however when you look at their website they have NO contact email or even a contactus type form.

    Maybe an oversight maybe done on purpose ?

    • Karen Skidmore

      Hi Angela – not sure to be honest. However, I have found that their online support has been most excellent. When you log in as a client, you have access to their support team and I’ve always had answers to any problems I have had back very quickly. There is a phone number on the footer – give them a call :)

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